oh god im so sorry i just noticed u already told someone for the way he looks im sorry omg im such a loser

there there anon it’s ok <3

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this is probably too late but im really confused at how you download the way he looks (Hoje eu Quero Voltar Sozinho) as a torrent - or whatever it is. please explain

you’ll need a thing called utorrent to download torrents, it’s a free download client and you can download it from here

after that you can just download the torrent :) 

oh and the film is a mkv file so to play it you’ll also need a good player, i recommend this thing it’s free and it also allows you to load subtitles which you’ll probably need for the film

idk if you’re motivated to do all these things but it’s worth it i promise!

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heyy do you have a link for the way he looks? I've been trying to fine one!

read this http://lourehs.tumblr.com/post/90983627681 :) 

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post/37579026145#notes where is this from

that’s from a movie called wilde :) 

i'm so soooorry to be annoying but could you please explain how do you synchronize the movie with the subtitles?? :/ :(

no it’s ok :) i’m using the vlc player and i can just right-click on the movie when it’s opened, then go on subtitles and there i can simply load the subtitles and that’s it. i don’t know which player you’re using but i’m pretty sure it works with almost all of them 

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netherlands: you win tomorrow
argentina: no, you win
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Neuer in that shirt though I’m sweaty

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OK it’s not cute anymore